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10 Manga That never got an anime university degree (but it must be)


10 Manga That never got an anime university degree (but it must be)

Although there is a unit of space in a series of the classic anime series, the unit of space is quite original, and a small unit recently the results of lightweight novels, manga variations still offer anime with many more important joint series.
 From Dragon Ball Z to Sailor Moon, there were a number of our favorite series originally in the black phone book and summary magazine.


The top ten ANIME series is not supported manga

But simply because we got a number of the simplest anime series you should supply doesn't mean we got them all. There is a unit area of ​​many manga series, some of which sneak across the cracks for any combination of reasons. This list appears in Ten Manga That never got an anime university degree (but it must be), moving from a newer series which may get one long before, to an older series that has a slim to any possibility to be custom made, abundant for Dismayed their fans.


 Kenichi, the creator of the strongest committed to history, began an alternative series in early 2018. This series stars Akashi Ito, a troubled young man to induce high school enrollment once he fails to communicate with every student. I've been invited to one faculty and accepts ... Just to get college is already secret agents!

You 008 is the love of Kenichi, as she is a leading figure with no super damping skills from the simplest of the simplest while working on a WHO girl who excels in almost everything she struggles with. Revealed in Shonen Sunday, this series is a good combination of spices and shonen movement.


There are rumors about this series, and it can never be allocated to an anime university degree. Shame, because it's just a wonderful thing. The series relies on the Kamen Rider scientist at Shotaro Ishinomori, where a chain of people who abandon unity against the indoctrination area is the only factor that stands in the way of humanity conquered by evil empires.

The series works with several of Kamen Rider's original heroes in Ishinomori as they challenge a new threat to associate. Unfortunately, this good fusion of courage tokusatsu and animation must maintain.


This week Shonen Jump series ran for hundreds of chapters before being dropped in associate score in time. It tells the story of Koizumi Taiga, a young WHO who attends Signage Personal High School, a magic college, as a result of the defeat of a teacher.


Top Ten Anime on NETFLIX (by IMDB)

There is only one problem: the defeat of the teacher was a college degree and Kuzumi could not use magic! Kuzumi must learn how to survive while he is anywhere he is always tested because of the magical power he does not have, keeping his name and his place in the classroom and thus not being expelled.


Psyren was a series revealed in Weekly Shonen Jump and created by Toshiaki Iwashiro. The series ran over a hundred and forty-five chapters from 2007 to 2010 and was related to Aga Yoshino, a young organization from the World Health Organization that gets strength around the world.
Psyren, wherever unity of life or death games staged, objects referred to as taboo inhabit the earth.

Although he continued for a long time because he did so, Psyren neer became popular enough to induce him to his anime. It is a pity that he did not survive until this afternoon, almost anywhere every week that Shunen Jump gets a series between two years.


This extra of "does not have an animeuniversity degree", however it is worth one. Act-Age is about Kei Yonagi, a teenage lady who cares about her younger siblings. Her dream is to become a fellowship expert. 

However she presents her talent in artistic acting, she usually has to fall through her role, something that makes others wonder whether she should pursue her dream, or if it is too dangerous for her.

Act-Age began in Weekly Shonen Jump since the beginning of 2018, and I created it through many brackets, only in quality.


Yuu Kamishiro may be a troubled young boy for his place in the world. He has no friends and is always lucky in class, but he has one factor that suits him: one powerful punch he has developed from always active boxing.

Still, he finds himself dragged into one fight again, meeting people on the streets, turning some into comrades, and others into rivals. This series was initially revealed in Young Animal magazine which focused on nearly two hundred chapters from 2000 to 2008. I got a drama series in 2005, yet managed to stimulate the anime series it deserved.


Sen Weekly Morning magazine revealed Vagabond from 1998 to 2015, yet there is still no indication of adaptation to an anime score. The series begins in the late 16th century, as a young man named Shinmen Takezo tries to tie Toyotomi during a battle against Tokugawa car


The best ten science fiction cuckoo, according to IMDB anime

After watching his side blur, he narrowly escapes but concludes the blame for the death of his close friend. To escape the blame, Shinmen took a new name: Musashi Miyamoto. Musashi's desire to move forward is to become a famous man because he is invincible under the sun.


Yoshiyuki Tomino's fourth attempt in a television series did not go very well and ended up turning her into a Mobile Suit Gundam F91. However, as a film that intensified the entire series in less than two hours, there were a lot of stories remaining.

Crossbone Vanguard is a Tomino solution, where it is done ten years later. Prominent figures from the F91 became leaders of the Crossbone Vanguard group while fighting against the forces of the Jupiter Empire.


For those who lose their repair to Hiro Mashima after Fairy Tail is over, there is still Eden's Zero. 

The series follows Shiki Granbell and married woman, suspiciously similar characters Natsu and Lucy from that other series, as they travel through space. Shiki and a married woman gather their comrades while Shiki tries to form as many friends as possible, hoping that one day he will meet the mother, the goddess of the universe.

The two made their journey in the ship left by Sheki's grandfather, Eden Zero. This series has continued since the middle of last year, and it seems likely that it will receive an anime adaptation ... someday.


While this list is not in order, if there is a request, this will be at the top. Pokemon Adventures has been working since 1997, giving Pokemon fans a stable but ever-changing world. It is divided into multiple parts, with each chain lasting as long as a new key chain is required.

For each set of games, Adventures introduces a new set of heroes who have their own stories and goals. They collect new Pokémon, meet new opponents and explore new areas introduced in each arch.