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Malicious: Cast of evil mistress and personal guide


Malicious: Cast of evil mistress and personal guide

Disney has compiled an impressive collection of Maleficent: girl of Evil to help keep her story about Sleeping Beauty. Evil was released in 2014, with Angelina Jolie in the role of the protagonist fairy. The original film accompanied the audience in the early years of evil and in his love for the young king Stefan, who became Aurora's father.

After Stefan cut off his wings, evil turned into dark magic and bowed to revenge. However, he could only love the young Aurora, and as Malevent says, it was she who awakened Aurora with a kiss of true love, not Prince Philip. 

Given the success of the praise of evil and his praise for representing Jolie as evil, it is not surprising that Disney has decided to make a sequel, which details the relationship between evil and Aurora after awakening her dream.


upcoming publications of the Disney film: from 2019 to 2023

Malignant lives peacefully as protector of the swamp, her native land, while Aurora is in love with Prince Philip. Having suggested, and accepted, Aurora and Malcevent discovered that Philip's mother, Queen Ingrid, intended to divide humans and fairies forever. 

This leaves Malefica and Aurora on opposite sides and tries to see if they can be family. Along with Jolie, many members of the original acting team come back to Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and there is also some interesting news.


Angelina Jolie repeats her role called evil, which has always been her favorite Disney character. The first film explored why Malvis distrusted both human beings and, in particular, why he hated King Stefan, his wife, and Aurora. 

Malicious: The evil mistress took a step forward by examining how her mistrust affects her relationship with the now-grown Aurora, who marries Prince Philip and inherits her mother-in-law who wants to become Aurora's family. 

Julie is one of the most famous actresses in the world and has starred in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Kung Fu Panda and Salt. Soon Athena will appear in Marvel's Eternals.


Elle Fanning repeats her role in the first film such as Aurora and evil: Mistress of Evil resumes after five years of Maleficent events. In other words, five years have passed since Aurora was awakened by her charm. 

Aurora still adores Prince Philip because of Malevika's discomfort. Aurora is torn between the desire to please her sister and the desire to be with the man she loves. Fanning has already had a long career and is only twenty-one years old. 

From the role of a young Daisy in Benjamin Button's bizarre affair to Aurora's role, Fanning also appeared in the book How to Talk to Girls at Concerts, playing a key role in Mary Shelley.


Michelle Pfeiffer plays Queen Engrish, Prince Philip's mother. His new character in Maleficent: Evil Mistress. Queen Ingrid is ready to welcome Aurora into the family, but she is not very happy with the presence of evil. 

The couple does not seem to face each other, and it is clear that the disgust of Queen Ingrid of Malvikent extends to all fairies. Pfeiffer enjoyed a long career, including roles in Grease a pair of, Hairspray, Dangerous Liaisons, Murder on the Orient specific, Ant-Man and Wasp, and of course attender Returns.


Kunal is a new character and is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Conall is a fairy with horns like evil. He also seems more attracted to dark magic and has an army ready to fight for the fantasy kingdom. For evil, which she believes alone in the world, the vision of a fairy army arouses many conflicting feelings. 

Are you fighting for your race or do you protect your relationship with Aurora? Recently, Ejiofor voiced Scar in John Favrio's new version of The Lion King, also known as playing the role of Mordo in the MCU. 

Previously, he starred in films such as The Martian, Serenity, Salt and Twelve Years A Slave, a film that has been nominated for several awards, including Oscar for Best Actor.


Diaval is the servant of Malefica, a player who often takes the form of a crow that can be seen on the shoulder of his sweetheart. Diaval is an updated version of Diablo, the crow owned by Malefica in Sleeping Beauty. 

Diaval is dedicated to evil, where he saved him from the life of a bird. In addition to his role in both Maleficent films, Sam Riley can play the role of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Zombie, and will also play Jack Favell in Rebecca.


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