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Exclusive: Jacob Patalon responds to Spider-Man's return to MCU

Spider-Man's return to MCU

Exclusive: Jacob Patalon responds to Spider-Man's return to MCU

Spider-Man: Far from home, Jacob Batallon responds to Spider-Man's sudden return to the world of cinematic wonder. The last month or so was a hectic month for fans of the latest version of Spider-Man, but also for those who participate in it.

 Disney and Sony previously ended the deal that allowed Tom Holland Speedy to be part of the MCU. This initially raised a lot of questions about whether the cast will be kept or not. Spider-Man's

Hollande assured that he would not go anywhere, but how Spider-Man would continue to do so was unclear. Now, Disney and Sony have reached a new deal on Spider-Man that will see Spider-Man: Homecoming three added to the fourth stage list. 

Not surprisingly, the news was met with a lot of excitement from fans, especially after it seemed less and less likely to complete the deal.


Exclusive: Jacob Patalon responds to Spider-Man's return to MCU

A few hours after the deal was announced, Screen Rant had the opportunity to speak to Jacob Batalon - who plays Ned city in the franchise - as part of Sony's press pressure to release Spider-Man: Away from Home. 

He told us how pleased he knew that the next film would be part of the MCU, although he and his colleagues were willing to do the next film regardless. Spider-Man's

I'm really happy. I think we were all ready and ready to move forward with Sony, and we were ready to go ahead and third with them, but we are happy to work with Marvel again.
Spider-Man's return to MCU

Batalon earned his outstanding role as Peter's best friend and man in the chair at Spider-Man: Homecoming and is one of the only acting members of the franchise who have a notable role outside the individual series. Spider-Man's

 He briefly appeared in Avengers: eternity War and Avengers: Endgame, so Spidey's return to MCU could mean similar copies in other films as well. But Batalon's response also shows that even franchise actors thought the opportunity was over.

Of course, Patalon is far from the only co-franchisor to respond positively to this news. Holland joyfully shared his reaction to the news on social media, using the now-famous "I'm Not Leaving" scene from The Wolf of Wall Street to illustrate his ideas.Spider-Man's

 Other members of the franchise, such as Zendaya and Tony Revolori, participated in animated social media enthusiasts in response to the deal. With Spider-Man: Homecoming three confirming its release date in 2021, it won't be long before they all return to the next MCU Spider-Man film collection.

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