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Beauty and the Beast Director Helming Christmas Carol movie music for Disney

John Cena salutes the first rescuers and promises a major charity donation

Matrix 4: David Leach wants to return in any way he can

Booksmart's gay sex scene was cut by airlines and actors are not happy

Star Wars: solely author blames film producer for box workplace failure

IT: How Pennywise's design has changed over the years

MCU fans could need to wait 10 years for the approaching Avengers moving picture from the ultimate level

Joker returns to first place at the box office, passing $ 800 million worldwide

Ryan Reynolds congratulates the Joker on behalf of Deadpool, Jesus, and others

Mark Ruffalo Hulk includes a tiny Easter egg from Edward Norton in Thor: Ragnarok

Joel Kinnaman says that the suicide team James Gunn is more comic

I found Game of Thrones by mythical being Momoa because of fan pages

Jack Ryan won the third season at the Prison Break Creator

100 Prequel Spinoff works as a backdoor pilot at CW

Marvel's Hawkeye show will reveal Clint Barton's background

The Hailee Steinfeld Hawkeye TV program was postponed by Apple TV +

Batwoman gets a full order from the primary season on The CW

Netflix's Breaking Bad, The manner has been watched for over twenty-five million times

Current war film Re-Edit eliminates the negative results of Rotten Tomatoes

Star Wars 9: A planet with a death star wreck called (not Indore)

Fast and furious writer confirms that Mystery Sir Jack Hobbs and Shaw Villain will return

Chris Hemsworth can like to be within the Star Wars show

Jason Momoa says Aquaman a combine of are abundant larger than the primary

Gemini man : Will Smith will lose seventy-five million dollars

Thor 4: Natalie Portman, excited to adapt Jane's story to breast cancer

Star Wars 9 tickets area unit currently on sale, PG-13 rating has been confirmed

Star Wars: Adam Drive claims Kilo Ren is the son of "religious fanatics"

Scarlett Johansson says the Black Widow mactans died

Ford vs Ferrari: Damon and Bill compete for Best Actor Oscar

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker: JJ Abrams makes fun of a purposeful and consistent end

Doolittle: Robert Downey Jr.'s media pet dispute in the NFL's strange promotion

Edward Norton rejected the role of Avatar 2 as a result of it wasn't Na'vi

Terminator: Dark Fate Early Response caused the best sequel of T2

Jared Latona tried to cancel DC Joker

Jared Leto's Joker is not in newspaper birds or two suicide squad

Smith's Gemini Man did not put his budget at the box office

The Joker is now the fourth highest film in the capital

Natalie Portman Defends Marvel Movies Against filmmaker Criticism

A special paid subscription has been created for Harry Potter fans

"Black Widow" will be the beginning of a new franchise in the Marvel Cinema Universe?

Chris Hemsworth about who his brothers could play in the Marvel Cinema Universe

"Godzilla 2: King of Monsters" - we know when the movie will be available on DVD and Blu-ray

The director of "Game of Thrones" stated that "the last episode was made in a hurry"

Disney has released a new trailer of "Love Mongrel". See sweet dogs in action

"The Batman" - we know who will play Catwoman in the movie with Robert Pattinson

Eleven will get angry in "Stranger Things 4"? Millie Bobby Brown commented on the theory

Robert Downey Jr. told about the last moments on the set with Stan Lee

"Joker" has not only conquered cinemas. It also reigns on porn sites

Toward Swanna pokemon

Toward Swanna

Disney movie club buys Spider-Man Explanation of rights: why it won't happen