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A special paid subscription has been created for Harry Potter fans

Was founded-special-subscription-for-fans-Harry-Potter

A special paid subscription has been created for Harry Potter fans

As part of the annual subscription, fans will receive books, special recordings, and discounts at the official store

Wizarding World Gold is a subscription for the biggest fans of J.K. Rowling in the world. As part of the 12-month subscription, fans will receive "magic surprises". 

These will include the entire collection of ebooks about a young wizard, a series of previously unpublished recordings from the creation of the film, collector's badges or discounts in stores associated with the wizarding world.

Subscription for Potteromaniaks

The subscription price is $ 75, which is less than PLN 300. A proposal created by Warner Bros. is aimed at British and American Potter fans. 

Subscribers will receive priority for booking special events related to Harry, as well as discounts at WizardingWorld.com, store at Platform 9 and 3/4 in London, as well as at Warner. Bros Studio Tour in the capital of England and Hollywood.


The first edition of "Harry Potter" sold for a huge amount

Was founded-special-subscription-for-fans-Harry-Potter

As part of the subscription, fans can also count on a personalized, interactive diary, which is called "Keys and Curios". Each diary will bear the name of the owner and the crest of his house. Inside you will find surprises and "enchanted keys" that can be scanned with a special application, which will allow fans to know the hidden content added to the app every month.

Harry Potter is the latest brand that can boast of its subscription offer. Recently, Nike has prepared the opportunity to join their project, which ensured the delivery of children's shoes to the homes of subscribers.
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