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John Cena salutes the first rescuers and promises a major charity donation


John Cena salutes the first rescuers and promises a major charity donation

The icon of World War I and the start of playing with the fire, John Cena, greets the guards of real-life and promises a major charity donation in his honor. Although the party has not yet been officially considered, October twenty-eight has been designated as the first National Day of Salvation. 

Certainly, there is an appeal to celebrate police, firefighters and emergency medical technicians who first arrive at the scene, natural disasters and man-made tragedies, an idea that few of them probably have the problem.

Not surprisingly, Cena (assuming you can see her) supports the first cause of the response, as he has always been very active when it comes to philanthropy and awareness during his time in the spotlight, first as a protective room against the wrong WWE. Fame and then as a Hollywood star. Cena also has a record of most celebrity wishes for severely ill children represented by creating a would like.


The ten most famous film roles in John Cena, seeded

Sena's new film, "Playing with Fire," a comedy starring a powerful actor as a firefighter forced to take care of children left in office, will be released on November 8. Due to the large forest fires currently in California that caused the evacuation of many people during the burning of Cena, this evening went to Twitter to send a message of support to the early rescuers fighting those fires, as well as the first rescuers doing their work elsewhere. 

To that end, Cena revealed that he had asked dominant, a distributor for Play with fireplace, to choose a charity linked to the response, and promised to personally donate $ 500,000 to the selected cause.

Although the most ironic may choose this as a simple ad trick to play with fire, Cena cancels the launch date at first, but that doesn't matter in the end. Given California's severe forest fires, early responders are likely to need to inject financial resources to continue to do their jobs, as well as to support their families during their 24-hour work to mitigate fires. 

Harm to both peoples. And property. A $ 500,000 is enough to make a real difference, although it's not likely for a big star like dinner.

It is interesting to note that Cena does not say anything about Paramount, which makes an in-kind donation to the same cause, which they can certainly afford, which gives them excellent public relations in the process. 

You expect them to choose to reconcile the promise of Cena and send a great million to help with first aid. Dinner can be played with fire on the screen, but real-life fire fighting is only a game.


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