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Ant-Man three officially happens in Marvel and redirects Peyton Reed


Ant-Man three officially happens in Marvel and redirects Peyton Reed

Peyton Reid returns to the game Ant-Man three, which is now officially happening. Marvel Studios has closed the doors of time heroic tale and is now working on the fourth phase of Marvel medium Universe and beyond. 

They announced their plans until 2021 this summer at the San Diego Comic-Con, including a list of shows to be presented exclusively to Disney +. But this offer also ended by teasing Feige that many other famous franchises at different stages of development will be realized.

However, one of the privileges Feige did not mention was Ant-Man, who has so far watched two cinemas in theaters. With Paul Rudd as Scott Lang also known as Ant-Man and Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dain is known as Wasp, the franchise recently returned to the big screen with Ant-Man and Man Wasp last summer. 

Each of the franchise rumors had an amazing box office performance, leaving many wondering what the future holds for these characters.


The hymenopteron-MAN and WASP villages can change the future of MCU

Thanks to a new THR report, the wheels are moving in Ant-Man three. They were informed that director Peyton Reed had signed to direct a third entry to the franchise. Reid directed the two previous states after Edgar Wright took over. Rudd is expected to return to the spotlight with production scheduled for the end of 2020 or early 2021 for a possible release date in 2022.


The news about Ant-Man three makes it the second film since Marvel's initial announcement on SDCC to gain momentum. The study has already created two activists for the May 2022 release date through D23. Now, it seems that Ant-Man three is the option to help complete the Marvel 2022 list. 

They have release dates in February and July already guaranteed for movies without warning, so the familiarity of the Ant-Man franchise with the July window indicates what will be when Ant-Man three reaches Theaters according to this report.

However, at this stage, details of the history of Ant-Man three have not yet been disclosed. Based on the end of Avengers: Endgame, the film can focus on Scott, Hope and sweet wattle Lang (Emma Fuhrmann). 

It is also hard to believe that Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer will not return to Hank Pim and Janet Van Dyne respectively. Producer Stephen Brossard had previously mocked that Ant-Man three if that happened, would have explored more of the Quantum Realm, so fans could expect it to become a bigger part of the MCU in this new film. 

Now that there has been news of Ant-Man three, it may not be long before we learn a lot about what you can do.


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