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Momoa says Snyder Cut of Justice is a completely different film


Momoa says Snyder Cut of Justice is a completely different film

Jason Momoa reiterated that he had seen the film "Snyder Cut", which was much discussed by the Justice League, and stated that it was a completely different film from the theater. Director Zach Snyder resigned from the Justice League after a family tragedy, and the film was shot heavily later. 

Applications for the original version of the Justice League of Snyder have continued for nearly two years since its theatrical release, while Snyder has shaken the boat largely by posting still images and comics of his film cut to social networks. Instagram confirmed that it saw a cut earlier this year.

Momoa's latest comments on university justice came during an interview with Josh Horowitz of MTV News. Horowitz had previously interviewed Momoa during a press tour in Aquaman, where the latter loudly supported the launch of Snyder Cut. 

Horowitz reported on his interview in the previous interview and asked whether Momoa's support for the Snyder court was due to his gratitude to Zack Snyder, who chose him as Aquaman, to which Momoa replied: "Yes, certainly, but I saw him."


The Snyder Court at the University of Justice will end with criticism of DCEU

When asked about the public safety of Snyder Cut, Momoa was more shy and said, "Do you think Zack can't finish him?" Horowitz also referred to the increasingly visible campaign to launch Snyder Cut and asked for Momoa's ideas about the possibility of actually posting it. 

Momoa reiterated his position on the subject, saying "I think the audience should see it," and responded positively to Horowitz's inquiry that Snyder Cut is essentially a completely different film from the theatrical version of the University of Justice.

At this point, it is safe to say that Jason Momoa was the strongest voice among those directly associated with the University of Justice for publicly supporting the release of the Zack Snyder Justice League version, but it was not one of a kind. 

Ray Fisher also shared his support for Snyder Cut, as well as film director Fabian Wagner, while storyboard artist Jay Oliva provided important details about the differences between the two versions, including the end of Snyder Cut which includes an unbalanced Superman. 

"Recently, Jesse Eisenberg revealed Unaware of the problem, Lex Luthor appeared in some scenes rather than in court.

As more and more members of the Justice League team put forth directly about their opinion of Snyder Cut, it became increasingly clear that it had become a widespread problem. Momoa himself certainly has a lot to do with this, as well as the amount Snyder has revealed about his story from the film on social media (with the recent revelation of Mars Manonter disguised as General Swanwick as one of his biggest bombs). 

Snyder's cutting campaign shows no signs of losing momentum, with a billboard in the New York City district of Comic-Con that attracted much attention with Snyder's praise.

As Snyder's speeches continue to grow, it remains to be seen whether Warner Brothers and how he will respond. In the end, the ability to release the Snyder version of the film to the public is what Warner Bros.

 However, with a request for its continued launch, Jason Momoa will promote Snyder Cut in the Justice League when given the opportunity, it is far from disappearing from the public view.


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