The next season of Pokémon TV will finally reveal the story of Baby Pikachu Skip to main content

The next season of Pokémon TV will finally reveal the story of Baby Pikachu


The next season of Pokémon TV will finally reveal the story of Baby Pikachu

It seems that the next season of Pokemon anime will deepen the unexplored origin of Ash Pikachu. Pokémon has recently been popular around the world and anime has made headlines two months ago when Ash won his first Pokémon tournament.
It's hard to spend a lot of time without news on Pokémon, with the video game franchise probably at its peak. 

In just two weeks, Pokémon steel will arrive at the Nintendo Switch. Although the game has got controversy before launch, it is one of the most anticipated versions. In the meantime, Pokémon GO continues to create big businesses, raising more than $ 3 billion since 2016. 

Of course, this year saw the launch of Detective Pikachu, a movie some might say broke the curse of the video game film. Simply put, Pokemon will not disappear soon. The next anime Pokémon will be released in about two weeks in Japan and the first episode will be something that fans may want to take a closer look at.


Why Kitch finally wins a Pokémon Tour (twenty-two years later)

Today, Pokémon Company showcased a new clip for the upcoming anime. The video focuses heavily on the first episode, entitled "The Birth of Pikachu." This initial episode will explore the origin of Ash's Pikachu, the most famous Pokemon in the series. Below is a description of the translated episode (via Crunchyroll) and the preview.


 The Pichu, who was still too young, had a certain farewell encounter...
The most exciting thing about the film is that it seems that fans will know Pikachu's life as a Pichu before meeting Ash. 

Surprisingly, this background did not become deeper first. It also seems that Ash's first encounter with Pikachu will be recreated, perhaps in memories of the past. In addition to Pikachu, the trailer focuses heavily on Ash's new travel companion for the story.

Interestingly, the Pokemon company is not related to this twenty-three season, but simply "Pocket Monster". It looks like a kind of soft reset, or at least an attempt to do something interesting to attract newcomers. The full reboot is sure to be interesting, even if the movie doesn't seem likely from Pokémon: I chose you! He did something similar, yet fans should expect something when "Birth of Pikachu" is broadcast on the seventeen November.


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