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Trolls World Tour - Movie Review

going on buddy welcome to a brand new
movie review today I'm gonna be
discussing trolls world tour which is of
course the highly anticipated sequel
from the original trolls now I say
highly anticipated because that first
one was a big surprise for me I put a
big smile on my face it had some good
laughs and really a great message
overall and trolls worlds who are
looking to be expanding the horizon
expanding this world of trolls and all
the musical antiques that these
characters go through and really in
general it does just all doubt while
putting a big smile on your face and
with the way everything going on in
today's society I'm glad that this put a
big smile on my face because I needed a
movie like this I need you to feel good
movie and I think you guys do as well so
guys make sure if he has her new here
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did you guys like the first roles what's
your favorite drink mercs movie let's
discuss it all down there Kohl's World
Tour picks up just a couple years after
poppy and branch discover that there are
but one of the six different troll
tribes scattered over six different
lands to vote up to six different kinds
of music funk country techno classical
pop and rock their world is about to get
a lot bigger and a whole lot louder as a
member of a hard rock royalty Queen barb
aided by her father King thrash wants to
destroy all kinds of music to let rock
reign supreme this just concept in
general looks a lot of fun I'm a person
who just loves and appreciates music to
all sorts and no matter what genre it is
I can always find the appreciation taste
inside of that and you know not everyone
can be like that some people love
country some people hate country some
people love rock and roll like me but
other people do not some people love the
pop and hip hop other people don't
that's the great thing about music it's
very artistic and the same thing about
music it's very artistic everyone has
their own opinion and trolls world tour
I my favorite aspect of this movie is
straight up that the way they handle
music and coming together and bringing
it all together and
appreciating it even if it isn't your
type of thing and I love that they do
that because I remember all throughout
school high school middle school
whatever it is I'd be listening
something and someone would make fun of
it I'd be like why not just appreciate
and I like this because I think for a
younger audience they're gonna really
like every single one of the bits from
the music and they're really dive into
like any sort of music genre you can
think of they dive into it and I thought
it was actually very nice that they were
able to do that in here because again
it's gonna make people grow up and
actually have that same mindset in the
way that they're kind of growing up with
these type of music and I'm really happy
to at least see that for the very lease
and the way of the message plays out
throughout it especially by the end of
the movie is actually really good and
that's the part that actually put the
big smile on my face throughout the
whole entire thing oh yeah I love the
message the thing that I actually really
liked were the characters in here you
know of course we love branch and poppy
they're really fun and energetic Justin
Timberlake Anna Kendrick just killed the
voice casting in here but let me tell
you there's a new character in here
named Hickory who's played by Sam
Rockwell yeah this dude destroys the
role and really carried for some of the
big last throughout this now every
comedic moment works in here at least
most will put a grin on your face but
every single time he did something I was
just on the floor laughing and had the
biggest smile on my face and Justin
Timberlake really participates in that
as well as branch and bringing a night
you know that hopeless energy at times
of being the optimistic but also the
pessimistic in that whole entire genre
and I really liked how they were able to
interact with him poppy and of course
adding chicory to the whole bunch I
think that's the thing that actually
made me again going through all the
different music genres and seeing all
the like cliche types that you would
have in each and every one of those they
always have that one voice cast and that
one voice actor and that really brought
that to life and again the musical
pieces throughout all those brought them
to life and a certain light that really
just put a big smile on your face
speaking of those dance numbers and
those musical numbers you know I already
said it's gonna get you off your feet
the dance and a lot of that was due to
the animation which the animation of the
first one was really good
this one is stunning and I don't know
how they do it like there are certain
ailments and I'm just like how do you do
that like the attention to detail
whether it's the glitter whether it's
the tiny specks of fur or cotton that
they place everywhere at the stitching
they really bring this trolls world to
life and it's a world that feels so
vibrant and lovely well the same time
kind of like an acid trip there are
certain times and moments in here where
I'm like what drugs are they doing but
they fit perfectly for the harmony going
on inside the screen I really loved the
vibrancy of everything in each and every
one of the scenes it was really God
gorgeous like I know the first one was
great but this is this is something well
all those things really come together
there being a big smile to my face when
it comes in animation film that clearly
is made for kids I like to know if
there's gonna be some adult themes in
there and I think that's where I kind of
get to my nitpicks and cons for this
film same thing is the first one if you
like the first one you're gonna like the
second one if you didn't like the first
one you're not gonna like the second one
it's kind of just in that part there's
nothing that changes too much I would
say these are pretty much on par with
each other in saying that they are
pretty much the same they both have the
same pros and cons that I would really
address to them and I think my biggest
con is nitpick - this is some of the
thematics with poppy and branch as well
while I love all the humor and the
chemistry with them there is this one
little section of a plot line for them
that I like the message behind but they
play off it a little bit too much and it
feels a little bit retreaded and
reiterated from the very first one and
in general that relationship between
them just I don't like when they break
off relationships and bring him back
together break them off and bring them
back together it's just something that
really gets on my nerves at times and I
think for you know if you're a mom and
her dad trying to set your kids down to
watch this it might not participate at
time so sometimes that kind of works in
my favor but when I'm looking at this as
also as a movie critic I have to see
that sometimes the story elements don't
work the best in there and also Queen
barb I you know the rock-and-roll Queen
you know I was really looking forward to
her in well I like some aspects of her I
thought her as a villain in general was
not developed that well like I get
certain aspects of her character that I
light but I think there was more that
they could have done with or just in a
sense she's entertaining to say the
least but I thought there was a little
bit more they could have done with her
character and in general this whole
world like they open up this world and
if they do a third one I really want
them to explore it a little bit more
because every world they go to kind of
like that like you blink and it's done
and over with and I feel like there was
a little bit more development they could
have had in each and every one of those
worlds but still trolls world tour it's
fun time it'll definitely get you
dancing against my final thoughts guys
make sure you get in hit that lion
subscribe if you guys are new here
comment down below let me know your guys
thoughts on this film are you guys
excited first one are you not are you
gonna get up and dance and start singing
because we need it and of course guys
let me know as well down below if you
guys are missing the movie theatres I
know I definitely am like I really wish
I would have been able to see this in
the theaters but the fact that Universal
is putting this out on VOD is actually a
really cool experiment and if you're
interested in this movie at all
definitely check it out it's like what
1999 and they're doing this whole entire
thing or if you really think about if
you're going to the movies and there's
like a whole family of you 20 bucks is
kind of a steal but also guys think you
guys said you can just so much for
watching this and again thank you so
much my patreon supporters for all the
support because they're interested in
seeing movies early ones movies come out
make sure to head on over to see a
Michonne films as well on how to see
movies early girls world tour is a movie
that is delightful it's vibrant and
it'll get you off your feet start
dancing it's just a good feel good movie
that will definitely put a big smile on
your face I think this is the movie that
we do need right now because I think
with many people kind of just sitting
inside their homes trapped this is the
movie that I think kind of opens up your
horizons make you kind of maybe go in
your backyard and start dancing just
having a fun little dance party with
your family all enclosed all together I
think this is something that we
definitely need right now and you know I
thought this one we lose again
delightful i I really had fun with it I
thought it was a funny movie at times I
thought some of the systematics with the
story were a little bit service-level
but whatever you know Sam Rockwell kills
it as hickory I love branch
I love poppy and I really like this
world of Patrol's plus the animation for
god it's so beautiful so with all it's a
nominee of trolls world tour Abby you
guys this is actually a really
delightful movie I was quite surprised
with it it's again on par with the first
one if you liked the first one you're
definitely gonna like this one let me
know down below
your guys thoughts are thing he has
against which watches this and of course
until next time stay classy




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