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WWE WrestleMania 36 Night 1

WWE WrestleMania

hello there everybody wakil to
wrestling's atom clear here and earlier
on today heard noted wrestling journalist Dave
Meltzer had said that anybody who does
star ratings for a wrestling show that's
pre-taped and when performers can just
rework things then I'm happy with is it

so yes welcome to my star rating video
now far be it from me to question the
wisdom of a man who still apparently
can't work the reply button on Twitter

but it seems odd to punish WWE for this
given that you know the Academy Awards
the highest accolade in the field of
acting or not specifically reserved for

theatrical performances are done in one take
in front of a live crowd they're you
know they're given to cinema where
things can be edited and I mean who can
really blame WWE for that in the
circumstances in the face of this global


isolation situation it's almost rendered
Pro Wrestling entirely redundant they
have somehow pulled together something
resembling a card for Wrestlemania so
I'm not gonna beat them up too much for

probably lower

doing the best they can get across to
you evenings and yeah it's taped in
advance and yes expectation levels are

probably lower than they have ever been
for the show of shows but still, WWE have
this strange knack of just pulling a
really great event out with a fire and
the backs are up against the wall then

always just let the company's talent do
the steering their hands off the wheel
entirely and normally we get something

good out of it so would this be good
would it so with that in mind my name is
as I say Adam Cleary this is my very
handsome mustache and these are all the

star ratings for night one of
WrestleMania 36 number 8 the WWE Women's
Tag Team Championship the kabuki

warriors versus Alexa bliss

warriors versus Alexa bliss and Mickey
Cross now before I start I just want to
say that I'm gonna do my absolute best
not to make every single one of these
just well in the circumstances I guess

it was fine because you have to judge
them on their own merits but if there is
one match that gets some sort of leeway
because of the circumstances it is this

one who would have envied anybody who
got sent out there first the fact this
was clearly the performance center the
fact there was no fans there the
deafening silence

coming from outside the rain could have
definitely derailed everything that was
happening inside therein but I'm pleased
to say that elective list Nicky cross
Ascot and Kyrie say Nate did an

incredible job in the circumstances and
the match itself was pretty well put
together all things considered though
the initial choice of Natalya and Beth
Phoenix this showed that was probably
not a great call in the first place as

both cross

both cross and bliss matched Oscar and
seen pretty much every single turn the
match was the match was entertaining I
think mostly because of how loud all

four of these women were really drowned
out the deafening silence from the arena
it was it was a spectacle certainly and
one that really did catch the attention
when it could have been drawn elsewhere

in the end cross and the Bliss were able
to outmaneuver their opponents and get
seen in position for the twisted bliss
to give us a surprising victory I

thought for the babyface team now yeah
the match was fine it wasn't anything to
write home about but I just think that
the opening match gets a pass because of the
circumstances and for those four women

to pull out an entertaining tag-team
match that made you forget about
everything else that was going on was
impressive in the circumstances so I'm
giving this two and three quarter stars

number seven Elias

number seven Elias versus King Corbin
what can possibly be said about this
match beyond simply the fact that it's
happened that it is a thing that has

happened not a lot really virtually
nothing I would say actually and the
fact that we got a rollup finish after
ten minutes by the way of
this match Meade is only gonna go on

even longer than this a waste of
everybody's time one star number six the
WWE Raw Women's Championship Becky Lynch
versus Shayna Baszler
yes argued be the only predictable match
of WrestleMania weekend as Becky Lynch
she's had the title for too long and the

characters gone stale defend against the
hot up-and-comer who's rampaging through
the division Shayna Beza the result was
as necessary as it was foreseeable but

WWE workout

of course when WWE workout that you've
worked out what's gonna happen they
don't like that happening so they went
completely the opposite direction and

before we get to all that this was a
surprisingly even encounter I thought
both women went to lends to try and make

this feel hard-hitting but within the
bounds of a conventional wrestling match
a lot of brawling outside of there
plug in your head off the table Shane

even brought back now are you coming for
a powerbomb no you're not you're over a
ride instead buddy spot that looked
particularly vicious last time but

inevitably this ended up descending into
both women trying to get their
submissions in then just as Shana
finally looked to have got the Kira food

Becky Lynch

a clutch in on Becky Lynch she managed
to sort of roll backwards and get a
pinfall on a much in the same way as Kai
retain it and the moon used to do in NXT

now conversations about this being the
right or the wrong results are for
another video I'm purely here to rank

how good it was in the moment and I will
say this was just starting to pick up
steam and look like being the kind of
match these two capable of delivering as

the pinfall arrived had its legs taken
out completely from under it just out it
was getting good so I'm gonna give it
two and a half stars number five the WWE

Intercontinental Championship\

Intercontinental Championship
Sami Zayn versus Daniel Bryan if you
ever want a good example of just how
stacked WWE's roster is with
professional wrestling talent bear in
mind that they had so many plans chucked

out of the window for this WrestleMania
and then they just reach down the back
of the sofa one what we got for the
Intercontinental Championship match boss
why it's oh look it's two of the
greatest in-ring workers in modern

professional wrestling oh wait no hang
on and here's three more ringside in
short right Daniel Bryan
absolutely beat the piss out of Sami
Zayn in this match and it was a glorious

sight to behold they started out doing
that heel trying to evade the face think
oh if only Daniel Bryan could get his

hands on this little weasel that built
up anticipation and then finally after
gulick took out two goons it happened
and it was amazing this is a rivalry

good couldn't

nobody was asking for this is a rivalry
nobody was expecting but as soon as it
got put together you sort of thought ah

this could actually be really really
good couldn't it and the fact that
somebody at Derby w/e chose to give this
less time than a lion vs. Baron Corbin

that person wants to be taken out round
the back of the shed tied to a stake in
the ground left in the rain and told to

really think about what they've done not
unlike Becky versus Shana just this was
getting up to speed it kind of finished
however, it had still done a lot of war by
that point Brian comes off the top rope
into an absolutely gobsmacking

improvised hooloovoo

improvised hooloovoo kick and sami zayn
quite surprisingly retains his
championship now this was shorter than
it needed to be it was not everything it

could have been however the time they
had they absolutely maximized it was
still inventive it was still brutal in
part my god

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

the brutality in this match I really
enjoyed it I wanted it to go longer but
I would happily watch them go again
three and a half stars number four the
WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

ladder match John Morrison versus Jimmy
USO versus Kofi Kingston I would say
that for not in substantial amount of
time last night this looked like

WrestleMania was going to belong to John
Morrison Jimmy USO and Kofi Kingston now
this was a bizarre match in the middle
of a bizarre card in the midst of the
most bizarre WrestleMania we will ever

ever see a triple threat singles match
to determine a tag team championship but
pretty much everybody watching that's
gonna be new to you this whole thing is

farcical and it would have been very
understandable of all three men have
gone in there and thought well probably
not gonna put my body on the line in
this one because it's probably just

gonna get expunged from the records but
all three of them basically sat down and
went well this is a WrestleMania ladder
match it has so many WrestleMania ladder

matches to live up

matches to live up to let's actually try
the initial exchanges of this wold blink
and you'll miss it quick counters and
jump be jumped knee bitty bits but then
eventually, they started to introduce the


apparatus and we didn't immediately pick
up from there what happened was it got
entertaining and exciting cuz I was like
oh that is and then it dipped because

let's put it this way an empty arena
does no favours for the WWE trope of
slowly climbing a ladder for no
reason that was actually really

depressing but once you got past that
and everybody was like rolling around
and filling the vacuum it was really
good and as I say nobody would've blamed

these three if they're gone I'm not
gonna do too much in this one because
I'm not even gonna get a big pop from
the crowd for it but that was some
absolutely shocking moments Jimmy so

eating a ladder in the face as he was
walking the barricade and then Kofi
coming off the top rope the hurricanrana


and Morrison just about off the middle
of the ladder enough to make
you realize you were watching a lot of
match yes now the ending was slightly
convoluted in my opinion all three men

got to the top of the ladder all three
men unhooked the belts from the thing
but then Morrison fell backwards knocked
out while holding both of their
Championships so he would even though

Kofi and Jimmy used civilized but we've
got the thing it was kind of confusing
but didn't detract from the overall

quality of the match I thought I'm gonna
happily give this three and
three-quarter stars number three
Seth Rollins versus Kevin Owens doing it
is in a bizarre way I think this much
benefited from the fact it was an empty
arena like you've seen so many

WrestleMania match

WrestleMania match there's so many big
pay-per-view matches in the past come
out to try and follow something that was
high intensity in the crowd were really
up for and they're just they can't quite

find it in those opening exchanges and
it gets a bit stilted and the kind of
drags on a bit and you're like oh that

was a bad spot for that much but under
normal circumstances if these two would
come out for an underwhelming feud an
underwhelming payoff to an underwhelming
feud after that ladder match the crowd

would have been like well okay then but
there was no crowd so there was nobody
to be disappointed so good and it was
good as well because this probably

Night Raw

WrestleManias longest-running feud going
into this I think I'm writing saying
there was that endless stream of Monday

Night Raw tag-team matches of so many
different combinations of faces and
heels and nobody really knew what was
going on and nobody really cared and
said haven't quite got this Munden at
Messiah thing over it was just him and a
load of dorks against some of the faces

clocked Kevin Owens with

who is getting outsmarted every but
finally finally we've got the payoff
all those matches seemed to warrant
albeit a second attempt and that's

because a fairly back and forth by the
numbers encounter with these two ended
when Rollins clocked Kevin Owens with

the ring belt and caused a
disqualification and I we sat on this
very sofa and went I'll show you
when you got that DQ o n are you kidding

but then Owens challenging but come back
out here and restart as No
Disqualification no count now it's none
of that rubbish then we're gonna have a

scrap and from there oh my god did it
really really properly escalate the pair
of them came to blows in such a
the viscerally satisfying way something that

made it worth sitting through all those
goddamn tag-team matches on Raw there
was a falcon arrow to the apron that
made me do this ooh

the fact

and then finally Kevin Owens ascended
the WrestleMania signage and again
despite the fact he was gonna get no pop
from a single person in attendance must

have jumped I want to say 1520 feet down
at the ground below to hit
Seth Rollins on that table and there was

no Shane McMahon inflate II think
underneath it either that was a regular
commentary table spot although it's just
why was there a commentary table it's
now that was the high spot that will

likely define this year's event but
allow it to take nothing away from the
the story these two was somehow able to tell
in this match, I hope they're allowed to
move on from this now because it does
feel like a worthy payoff to a


the long-running feud that nobody was
particularly interested in I should say
but in here and now I absolutely love
this matter so it was great I'm gonna

give the pair of them four stars
number two the WWE Universal
Championship Goldberg versus braun

strowman like right here's the thing
Bill Goldberg is a 53 year old man who

does a very slow walk down to the ring
with a couple of sparklers behind him
and then he runs and tackles somebody a
couple of times and then fails to get

them over for a jackhammer we've known
this for some time now and yet this is
still, all WWE was able to conceive of
for this match doing wrong, I'm not

the Goldberg match

saying the Goldberg match is not
entertaining it was amazing a
WrestleMania 33 and one of the biggest
talking points in wrestling rightly so a

few months prior to that but it's just
it's supposed to be high intensity in
high adrenaline-like oh my god he's
gonna crush him and when you know that's

gonna happen and you've seen it many
times before it loses that impact like
it's a roller coaster but if you go on
the same roller coaster all the time

braun strowman took

it's not exciting it's just a weird way
to commute I do want to say that I am in
favor of this result happening though

braun strowman took
Speirs and then he gave a load of power
slam before somehow remembering of this
finish was a running power slam and then

doing a little circle and dropping him
and getting the three congratulations
for sure when you were the new universal
champion and I'll say this right the boy

deserves it his work in the main event
the picture which went unheralded and
unrewarded deserved this but you can't

get suckered into the positivity of it
being the right result because I'm just
here to talk about the quality of the
match and there wasn't really much of a
quality to the match it was a smash and
grab it was quick but it was all stuff

we'd seen before and it was two minutes
ish long and just the universal
the championship was cursed managed to zip
it deserves a nice long-running feud

good matches

with good matches and it just hasn't had
yeah I could only give this as delighted
as I am for brawn I'm only gonna give

this a star and a half and that's me
being kind number one the boneyard
AJ Styles versus the Undertaker right
this should just be a video in itself
shouldn't it and before we start, please

do you keep in mind that as far as I am
concerned there is nothing more
important when talking about the quality
of a pro wrestling match than simply how

enjoyable was it to watch no get me
wrong like impact legacy build story
endurance ingenuity athleticism pacing

everything all of that so important very
good all worthy professions all
important we're talking about a
wrestling match but just does any not

really matter if you don't get a kick
out of watching it, I don't think so
heading into this right every single
the person had dismissed this match and
dismissed this build and dismissed these
two performers as just hokey and

the Undertaker is amazing

convoluted and nonsensical and a bit
silly and why is that old man putting
himself through all this again and yet
coming out of it the entire wrestling
the world is like oh my god I want every

match to be a boneyard match the
Undertaker is amazing to boil it down
this was a buried alive match in that
final deletion style that Matt Hardy

managed to pioneer in TNA as we've
seen other versions of it in WWE like
we'll have the ultimate deletion which

was the sequel to all of that that was
the house of horrors marquetry don't
ever talk about even going back to 1999
half-time heat with mankind the mankind

wrestling match

and the rock that was pretty much the
same thing a cinematically scoped like
multi camera

wrestling match that's done in a movie
style and arriving in his bike episode
and mercifully not Booga Reza thank God
the Undertaker turned off AJ Styles came
out with casket and this was hilarious
it was ridiculous it was over-the-top it
was overblown

it was a pure cinema and it was incredible
it kind of all happened in two parts as
well like a j-style didn't take and they
brawled back and forth across this
the facility was boneyard if you will with

style slowly getting the upper hand over
the Undertaker he brought galas and
anderson then he brought some druids for
no apparent reason and looked like he

had finally beaten the dead man he got
him in the hole and he was gonna bury
him and then you know taker just

teleportation powers

appeared behind him with a flash of
light because he has teleportation
powers look don't don't be like that
that's no more stupid than anything else

in progress the teleportation powers are
fine and from there the Undertaker
chased him up a rooftop he threw Gallo's
off the top of a tombstone anderson

annika chokeslam stiles down to the
ground and then he buried him six foot
under and AJ Styles hand just appeared
out at the top at the end and iconic

WrestleMania moment somehow in the midst
of all of this it was it's stupid it's
one of the stupidest things I've ever

seen but if you didn't love every single
minute of it you are wrong
now I am kidding with that comment you
are free to like whatever you like and
not like whatever you want to not like

but just if your argument against this
match is that it wasn't real enough for
you it wasn't enough like real sports
then I have some horrible news for you

about Pro Wrestling

about Pro Wrestling in general and just
look at the response across social media
man every other wrestler across
different promotions reaching across the
chasm of brand rivalry to congratulate
these two men on what they have achieved

it was it was entertaining it was brain
it was unique it was original it's the
kind of thing you want to tune in to
Wrestlemania to see and the kind of
thing that in the midst of all of this
has given us something else to talk

I will rewatch that much tomorrow night
I will ask my nan wrestling fan friends
to watch this as well because it's just
I don't know man stuff like this doesn't
happen very often and I remember how

sniffing everyone was about the final
deletion the first time that came around
as well including on this channel I
should add and then look at what history
proved it

she proved it was worth it he still
proved it was good and history will
prove this was good as well and I just

always just let the company's

liked it and I just wish everybody else
would like it as welcome giving you four
and a quarter stars so yeah there you
have it and don't mind me just making
myself at home

hahaha jokes still not old those were
all the star ratings for the first night
of WrestleMania 36 the most bizarre
WrestleMania we will ever see in our
lives but one that so far has still

managed to be pretty entertaining let us
know what you made of it all in the
comments below of course and we get the
like share and subscribe don't forget
Dave melters words that anybody's star
rating anything in the minute is an

idiot for some reason and of course stay
tuned to wakil twe for better the
WrestleMania coverage across the weekend
and the week and the month and for
however long we feel the need to talk
about all of this come catch me on

Twitter at Adam

Twitter at Adam clearly the entire
culture wrestling family at Walt Uwe and
I will see you tomorrow with part two of
this which Sidgwick is writing which
should be fun goodbye




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